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These first pictures are actually from two weekends ago, at the balloon fest. Charlie loved the balloon that looked an awful lot like Nemo, though wasn't officially called Nemo due to some copyright issues.

She didn't get in a brawl, but clearly there was some negligent parenting going on here. With all the moves, multiple homes and chaos of the last month, we consider ourselves lucky that things didn't get worse than this. Happy to report that her her sweet, flawless face is back, good as new!

We attended a pre-season KU pep rally on Friday night. There was a huge turn out and Charlie really enjoyed his glimpse of the Jayhawks. Next year we can bike over to the rally from our new house.

Wearing crimson and blue and with a sunflower in her hair. Kids need to be told good from bad. Otherwise their Missouri grad daycare instructors might steer them wrong. Can't have that.

Watching the band and the Jayhawks. Why so serious C?

We went to our first T-Bones game Saturday night with some of my lab crew. A good time was had by all in the unseasonably cool weather. It was so kid friendly, with a playground just behind us to pass the time when the kids got restless.

Sunday morning, we had a little miscommunication about our in house pancake recipe (interpret as you wish) that required us to go out for breakfast. Lucky for us, Gratitude Cafe is just down the street. This cool vintage shop Thistle is right next door. I'm sure the owners love to see these four little hands coming - there are only a million tiny objects to knock over and handle. They were closed Sunday morning, bummer.

So instead, these two decided to hijack the yellow pages from some unknowing apartment dwellers. They will never miss the soon to be land-filled paper.

After breakfast we escaped to the country for Macy's birthday party. Charlie was in  heaven cruising in his cousins' John Deer tractor. He got the hang of it pretty quick.

By far one of our most popular weekend activities, or any day for that matter, is train watching. Lounging in their chairs, with drinks at the ready - what more could a toddler ask for?


  1. What a fun packed weekend! So many experiences for the little ones. My favorite picture by far is of you and Izzy at the Pep Rally, so cute!


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