Design tweaks

This was the spread waiting for us when we arrived at our last design meeting. They were ready for us.

We talked about exterior aspects of the new house, like windows. Every window in the house will be new (the home owner's association stipulates they must match!). I had no idea there were so many choices when it comes to windows.

We looked at choices for roof color, type of wood, and wood stain for the front of the house...still just narrowing down our options at this point. We're really getting down to the nitty gritty on the design. All the structural plans are set (with small tweaks to the stairwell and some built-in components in the pantry still coming), and at this point we really have a clear vision of what the house is going to look like. And we love it. Love.It.

It was a big week and things are moving fast. The plans were reviewed by the home owner's association this week and we're hoping their approval comes soon. The architects are preparing for the construction phase and gathering bids from contractors - with the goal of finally putting a price tag on our design. We have a budget of course, but at this point we have no idea if our taste and design choices are aligned with our budget. Talk about scary!

The next few weeks will move us from the design phase to preparing for the construction phase - starting with deconstruction. In 10 days, we will start demo on the house, taking out light fixtures, sinks, cabinets, walls, and leaving only bare bones behind. Habitat Resource is going to salvage whatever they can from the house before the major demo commences. Once the walls start coming down, there is no going back. We're all in at this point and only looking forward. Bring on the sledge hammers!


  1. I will there with my sledgehammer and hard hat!


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