Downtown days, the Crossroads by bike

We took a stroll around our new neighborhood this many exciting and different things to see!

 Just around the corner from our building, we needed a water break. It was hot, even for the morning.

I just love this part of the city. We are in this low area just shy of all the tall buildings and commercial city life. The Crossroads. People live here, walk their dogs, go running, walk home late at night, raid the dumpsters. We're surrounded by 5-6 story brick buildings inscribed with names of warehouses long past, the occasional coffee shop, tattoo parlor, and artist's den. On Labor Day morning, the streets were quiet, the shops all closed, and we had the neighborhood to ourselves. Perfect for exploring on Charlie's strider bike for the first time.

Stopping for another water break.




I was afraid to crash this place with two toddlers. But as the only place open that morning, it was tempting.

Iz was sleepy and happy to sit quietly in her stroller and pose for the occasional picture.


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