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Do you remember when I raved about my new Fitbit at the beginning of the summer? (Check out the post here). Are you wondering if my love has faded? Wondering if this toy is gathering dust on a shelf, neglected and ignored like most fitness gadgets? Well, wonder and worry no more. My fitbit is still enjoying a special place in my daily routine and attire. If I leave the house without it, I feel at a complete loss for the day. I wear it every day, strive to hit my 10,000 steps every day (most days I get there), and I love it.

Some family members recently received Fitbit gifts...the message of moving more, walking as much as possible every day is so important to me. I want everyone I love to get with the program. I'm working on putting together a Fitbit-inspired program with a group at work, too. More steps = better, happier, healthier lives!

We recently added another Fitbit gadget to our home collection.

The wi-fi smart scale from Fitbit, called Aria. Our ratty and unreliable scale didn't make the move from our old house and we've been without a scale for awhile. I am not a big scale user, I tend to assess my weight by how my clothes fit and feel. But lately I've been frustrated with how little exercise I've been fitting in and really disliking the overall mushy and unfit body I am currently living with.

Life isn't going to slow down and I have to make adjustments. I will keep working on fitting in more exercise as it is a major priority for me, not just for fitness, but for my health. I am not going to let a busy lifestyle be our (Ryan included) excuse for sliding into a middle age-we're parents so who cares- -this is the best we're gonna get-mindset that results in us waking up one day being overweight and out of shape. We are not going to be that couple or that family! Mark my words. And our friend Aria here is going to keep me honest and make sure it doesn't happen.

Aria syncs automatically with your Fitbit account online so you don't have to remember your weight from week to week. It will monitor 7 different people in your household, automatically knowing which person is on the scale and syncing with that person's Fitbit info. It measures % body fat and will calculate your BMI for you. Useful tools that mean more than just a number on the scale. (Note: the body fat calculator on home devices like this are going to be somewhat imprecise, but it puts you in the ballpark). I have no more excuses.


  1. My new one comes tomorrow I think! I am so lost without mine! I hate it. Glad I will have a newer one with the elevation on it now. My last one was not working too well anyways. I ordered one for Dwayne too. (he does not know it yet) LOL
    I would love the scale, might have to put that on my Christmas List.
    Did you see the new fitbit zip? It syncs to your smartphone and Ipad as well through blue tooth, and it is by battery so it does not need to be charged every 2-3 days. It is $50.00 and it is better for working out because it is not as sensitive to getting a little wet.
    Too bad it came out 2 days after I ordered my new one!

    1. Jules - glad you are getting a new one! My Ultra only needs charging every 2 weeks, great for travel. Maybe this improved since your previous one. The price on the Zip is better, but not sure I like the boxy shape (and color!) for everyday wear.

  2. Got my Ultra today! So happy to get started again! Time to get Mom and Dad going, I got Mom set up, so all Dad needs to do is set up the account and get his put in. I am sure I will have to do it when I in in LV next.

  3. I'm completely obsessed with my fitbit - thanks again! I managed to max it at 15k while at the zoo...I swear I saw smoke coming off it that day :O) The scale is going to immediately be added to my Christmas list - ours manages to add and subtract pounds on its own accord dependent upon the room you use it in.

    I love your enthusiasm for fitness, it's catching!

    1. Hooray for Fitbit! I had a feeling you would love it. I hit 20k one time, for my max. It felt good. :)

  4. I'm glad to hear you like the fitbit. I have been wearing the Jawbone UP for over a year now and cannot live without it. I love seeing how many steps I get in each day and really love the sleep monitoring. How do you use your fitbit at night?

    1. I do not use mine at night, but very curious as to how you use yours!


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