Football Friday

I want to say thanks for all the comments on my working mom post the other day, both on this blog and on my facebook wall - that was really fun and rewarding for me. I write here most days just to catalog events and try to organize my own thoughts and ideas. But its great when I get feedback and know that what I'm thinking about and struggling with matters to others. I think I came away with two main points from that post and the ensuing comments:

1) The grass is always greener. When things get tough, I start daydreaming of other options and often idealize a situation that is not my own. No work-life scenario is perfect. Parenting is hard, no matter how you divide your time.

2) I am not in this alone. This is usually the first thing I forget at the end of a long and frustrating day. Working moms everywhere struggle with the same exact things I do - every day! It is reassuring and makes me feel better. I'm reminded of this previous post about how it is time for the system to finally change and adapt to modern family lives. We as moms (and dads) are doing all we can.

We're starting a new Moms group at work next week, just informal lunch gatherings for now. But I'm excited that my coworkers see the need for this group. I hope it will be a great source of encouragement and inspiration for me to master this working mom gig. We already have our first speaker lined up - she wrote the book I've imagined in my mind many, many times.

As for our weekend...we're in for some football! I hear there was some controversy going on this week about referees, guess that's all solved and we can now go back to politics as usual. You'd think the world was ending!

Check out that form (and that tongue)!

Ok, we may have some things to work on here...not quite ready for the big leagues.

But he has the right spirit!

We're done with KU football for the season, made it to our one game. Maybe by the time the kids are old enough to sit through more than a quarter, the team will actually be decent. We can hope. We're going to watch my future step-nephew (think that's right) play his Homecoming game for North Kansas City highschool tonight. And tomorrow we will catch a very different game, my 10 year-old nephew's football game, equally as important in the world of competitive families football!

Saturday night Ryan and I are going with some friends for a little fine dining, farm style...can't wait!

Finally, this is a really cute video and this guy must be Dad of the year. Charlie would love that.

Happy weekend!


  1. Love that last pic! Thanks for supporting Juante! You were good luck!


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