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Our baby turned 18 months old this week. I still can't believe it. I still think of her as a baby - with her super soft baby skin and hair, her chubby legs and round belly. And yet those legs move fast, she has a mouth full of teeth, and she uses more and more words every day. She wants to do everything by herself. Like feed herself yogurt, with an extra large spoon...

She is really not a baby anymore. But I want to continue to think of her as one, so I will. Now and forever.

These urban monkeys were craving a good old-fashioned park this week. I picked them up early from school on Tuesday and we went to one of our old favorites in Brookside. It was like seeing a long lost friend for Charlie. "I love this park, Mom! It's my favorite!" It had been too long. There aren't any parks within walking/running distance from us. Ok, there is one. I have pretty low standards for KCMO parks for the most part, but even I draw the line at this one. It is next to Liberty Memorial and it is dirty, as in shards of glass in the grass and under the swings, and there are men sleeping on benches nearby. I'm all for the city experience, but this particular park just doesn't feel worth it to me. A nice subsititute is just running around on the grass surrounding Liberty Memorial.

We can get there with the jogger (up a very steep hill!) and there is plenty of green space to go around. There was a group exercise class going on when we were there. They were doing sprints and using kettlebells, it looked pretty intense. I wanted to join them.

But we played some baseball, and that was fun, too.

When you have a backdrop like this, who needs a park??

We may not have a great park nearby, but we have plenty to keep us entertained. The elephants walked past our building twice this past week, and we were there to see them both times. How many kids can say they've seen such a thing? The elephants walked back from the Sprint Center to the train on Sunday evening, as the sun was going down. We watched them climb back onto the train and prepare to head out of town, off to the next circus.

Whatever your thoughts are on animals and the circus in general (mine are very mixed, nostalgia mixed with awareness. Where do we draw the line, zoo? circus?), it is still really cool to see these giants walk past you on the street. I hope Charlie will remember it.

Date night at the Plaza Art Fair for us tonight - can't wait! Happy weekend all!


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