American Royal Parade

You just never know what you are going to find outside your door when you live downtown...elephants, parades, the fun never ends!

We set out for a run with the jogger Saturday morning, planning to make a stop at our new nearby park (love it, though it is straight up hill). Instead, we bumped into some horses gathering outside Union Station and realized it was the American Royal parade - how cool!

The parade hadn't started yet so we decided to make a loop around Liberty Memorial first, and we got to see the behind the scenes action of the parade. Everyone was lining up in the road around the Memorial, bands tuning up, motorcycles revving their was a sight to see.

Just like Charlie will never tire of watching the trains go by, I will never tire of this view. The best view of downtown KC is from base of the Liberty Memorial. I always have to stop and take a glance on my running route - this time I had my phone to snap a picture.


Once the parade started, we parked and watched. Nothing like a marching band and an enormous tractor going down the middle of the city streets.

I love living in the city. If KCMO had some decent schools, we would seriously consider buying a condo here. But we have other plans in the works, too late for that!


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