Catching my breath

The last few weeks have been a blur. I knew the travel, presentations and deadlines would take their toll, but I couldn't predict the unpredictable (pink eye and a broken wrist) and know how hard things were going to get. I had an emotional couple days in Chicago worrying about Charlie and feeling inadequate at work and home all at once. But it's over and things will calm down - at least back to the frenetic pace we've become accustomed to of late.

Kids are amazingly resilient and Charlie's arm hasn't slowed him down a bit. I think he had one day of some pain and low energy, and now he is totally fine. He has trouble doing some things for himself with only one arm and gets frustrated, as anyone would. We get a new cast tomorrow and word is, he wants pink!

We took advantage of the beautiful fall day today and took some photos around the neighborhood. We got some really good ones, I'm saving my favorites for later, but here are a few...

Charlie was not very happy about putting this shirt on over his cast, but he did it. And he even smiled a couple times. In his own words, it was "a good, smelly day!"


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