Design delays...

Wondering what is happening with our new house? So are we.

We are in a big stall right now. Waiting for the subcontract bids to come in, waiting for the bank to approve our construction loan, waiting for the BZA to approve the building plans...waiting, waiting, waiting.

Unlike the design phase, this phase is no fun at all. And of course, the original plan did not come in under budget so we're having to make some adjustments. It's times like these you wish you had an unlimited budget and money wasn't an object. We don't want an extravagant house, but we do want quality materials and good design to be the foundation of our family home. Sigh. We're hoping we can make small changes here and there and still keep the heart of the design we love in the original plans.

I didn't realize those fun weekly meetings of dreaming and planning would come to an end so fast. The only consolation will be that we get this thing rolling soon and start taking down walls come November. Winter is coming fast. Hopefully I'll have an update soon.


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