Happy Halloween from C-Rex & Pebbles

It's always so fun to see all the kids dressed up at school. They could wear costumes or pj's to school today. Charlie had pj's on under his costume so he was doubly prepared.

I'm always amazed that everyone has a completely different costume. There was one lion and one tiger and that was as close to a repeat as they came. C-Rex was definitely a hit with his friends. Charlie kept telling me to please tell his friends to be gentle with his tail so it wouldn't come off. Perhaps I've warned him too much about not destroying his costume.

By the time I made it back over to Izzy's classroom they had stripped them down to paint some pumpkins. Talk about messy fun!

After awhile, Iz was more interested in painting her legs (and the wall) purple.

I think our last minute, hand-made dinosaur bone for her hair turned out pretty well. Thanks for leaving it in long enough for a picture Iz! We're trick-or-treating at cousin Haley's house tonight - oh boy!


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