The dragon with the pink arm

I wouldn't say that Charlie's cast has slowed him down much at all. They cover it in plastic wrap at school and he paints left handed. He throws and eats with his left without a complaint. Maybe breaking your wrist is actually easiest when you are 3. Habits are less engrained and kids so readily adapt. I could definitely learn a lesson from my son.

Charlie's Halloween costume came in the mail this week (Shocked that I didn't make something? Me, too.) and he has wanted to wear it every minute since. His reaction to the costume was so amazing to see - pure, and barely contained delight! To be a kid is to enjoy each minute and activity to the fullest, to maximize joy! I think Halloween is going to become Charlie's favorite holiday. Being a T-Rex for a day was the greatest thing ever. Ever.

He was laughing out loud at the way his tail stuck out of the swing. He kept looking behind him to see it -  laughing and smiling and kicking his feet. Joy. I have now seen that word in action.

Can you see the strut? We were out for a run in the stroller and he wanted to get out and walk (I was more than happy to let him walk up this giant hill by the Liberty Memorial). He walked with his head high, swinging his arms, checking behind him every couple of minutes to make sure his tail was still in place. He would wait patiently to see if each person we passed would be scared of his T-Rex costume. Needless to say, the expressions on peoples' faces as they went by us were not ones of fright.

Looking forward to a low-key weekend. We're going to attempt a pumpkin patch - of course we waited til it was nice and chilly outside. Happy weekend!


  1. I would be scared of this T-Rex coming down the street with his pink cast on! It is a jungle out there!
    Too cute! Fun year for Charlie for Halloween!


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