An interview with Charlie

Charlie's class has switched from talking about apples to bones. They've collected various gloves and masks to create doctor's kits, complete with stethoscopes. Yesterday they examined a collection of bones from a local butchery, The Local Pig. Charlie's teachers asked us a couple weeks ago if we thought Charlie might want to share his experience breaking his arm with his class. We told them to go for it, but we had no idea what he would do or say. Do we ever??

From a teacher's email:

During meeting, Charlie shared his experience at the doctor’s office with us when he received the cast on his arm.  Charlie explained to us first what happened.  He told us “it’s a cast,” as he held his arm up.  “I hurt my arm.”  Kate asked “What part of your body got hurt?”  Grace said “the bone.”  Charlie then continued and stated that he was at the doctor and got a teddy bear and chips, and milk.  “What was the doctor doing?” the teacher wondered.  Charlie said he put the cast on too, my fingers are out a little bit (Charlie showed us how his fingers stuck out of the cast then.)  There’s white stuff under my hard cast.  The teacher wondered why it was a hard cast?  Charlie simply replied “to make the bone much better.”  After Charlie gave his explanation about his cast, we had a short question/answer with Charlie.  This gives the children the opportunity to express what they are thinking and wanting to know more about Charlie’s trip to the doctor and his cast.  Here’s how the questions and answers from Charlie went.  He called children’s names and each child had a turn to ask a  question if they were interested:

-Abraham-How did you ever break your bone?

-Charlie-The slide was slippery and fell off and I landed on the wood chips.

-Vivien-It has rain on it and you fell off?

-Charlie-No rain, but I slipped off.

-Sam-When he did it, he might’ve rolled off the top of the slide and rolled on the wood chips. 

-Charlie-I didn’t see and slipped off.

-Nick-Did you drive there?

-Charlie-Mommy or dad did.

-Miles-One day when I was sick, I came to the doctor.

-Charlie-I got ice cream and a teddy bear.

-Grace-One day my sister went to the doctor, she wasn’t feeling very good.

-Charlie-Did she get sick?

-William-I’m gonna be a cow costume for Halloween.  The doctor gave Charlie some medicine.

-Charlie-The doctor didn’t give me any medicine.

-Beatrice-Did you poke your arm?

-Charlie-I go to the doctor when I’m sick.

-Ilan-He has a cast and a teddy bear in the picture.

-Emilia-when I was a baby, I went to the doctor and couldn’t hear and they put ear tubes in.

-Charlie-No, no ears.

-Beau-The doctor do something so your arm wouldn’t fall off?

-Charlie-If he didn’t do something, the arm might’ve fallen off, then you wouldn’t have a hand, or hold your puppy or scissors. 

-Auggie-Did you bump into something?

-Charlie-The wood chips.

-Yenna-Did you hurt your arm and slip?

-Charlie-Yes, I fell off the slide. 
Yep, that's about how conversations go in our house...


  1. that is great! amazing the things that are on the minds of the kids. Great idea.

  2. That made me laugh so hard. I love that in the midst of the million things zipping through their minds (all more important than the topic at hand), a few pertinent comments find their way to the surface. Awesome.

  3. I love this! I find that life with young boys is often just one long non-sequitur!


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