Holiday Rush

How is it possible that we are already at the end of November? I had such good intentions this year of having my Christmas lists done early, decorations up, holiday plans in place. And yet once again, here I sit behind the eight ball. No lists, no decorations, no plans.
But it's not December yet - I can still make a come back. If I only knew where to start. I'm not sure how to approach the holidays this year since we're displaced from our home. With 5 years in our old house, we had established some traditions as to where to put the tree, how to hang the stockings, and have just the right amount of decorations to feel festive but not cluttered (Ryan would disagree on this last point). But our stockings are in storage along with our Christmas tree skirt and all our other holiday gear. So I'll have to get creative and see what I can do with some twinkle lights and a paper chain or two. I like a good challenge.
Since we don't have a yard right now and there aern't many trees downtown, I feel like we missed out on some of my favorite parts of fall this year. It was unseasonably warm the day before Thanksgiving and we spent a leisurely, unstructured hour plus at Loose Park with the kids. I think Charlie missed romping in the leaves this fall without a yard. And for Izzy, it was a totally new experience to see the fallen leaves, hear them crunch, and taste them...


  1. My Christmas tree is up, stockings hung, all 7 of them(including Mason and Dee Dee's) and all the Christmas lights are on outside! Oh and did I mention I have my christmas lists from my kids in hand as well...
    It helps to have teenagers that work hard! :)
    I knew if i didn't do it now, wedding stuff would get in the way.
    interested in seeing what "City" tradition you come up with this year!

  2. I LOVE the pic of your matching Mary Janes, and Izzy's sweet hand resting on your leg. She loves her mommy so much :)

    1. Thanks! She is really into shoes all of a sudden, I'm in trouble.


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