Never take it for granted

I remember going to vote with my parents when I was growing up. Living in a small town, they voted at the church directly across the street from our house. I remember well the voting booths with red, white and blue curtains lined up in the church basement. When I was little I was allowed to go inside the magic curtain with my Mom. But as I got older, I had to wait outside. My parents never told us who they voted for, but they always used to joke about how they cancelled each other's votes every year. When I got older I figured out this was because one was conservative, one was liberal. If their strategy behind not telling us how they voted was an effort to get us to think for ourselves, I would venture to say it worked. Of the three of us kids, we turned out one staunch Republican, one bleeding heart liberal, and one that maybe lies somewhere in the middle depending on the issue. Those of you that know us, can surely figure out which is which!

The picture above is from the National Archives, my new polling location. A pretty cool place to vote!


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