Of brining and basting

Thanksgiving is next week! Can you believe it? If you are hosting, is your menu planned? If not hosting, do you have a signature item your family expects you to make and bring?

I'll be making my Grandmother Helen's Pumpkin Chiffon pies - it wouldn't be Thanksgiving in my family without them. I've never hosted the whole shebang - but thinking ever so optimistically about being in our forever home by next Thanksgiving - Ryan has offered to host in 2013. He had better start taking notes now! (Did I adequately distance myself from this task?)

Speaking of our forever-home building nightmare adventure, we're hoping to finalize plans with our second bank this week and get on with it (C & Iz are learning new words at home like insomnia, stress, and self-medication). We are so ready to get on with it. We'll be ready to build finally, so bring on Winter!*

*Never sure how well sarcasm translates in cyberspace, so that was sarcasm folks. Painful sarcasm fueled by frustration and despair. Sigh.


  1. WellI will be making the mashed potatoes, no recipie to post, since I just do a pinch of this and a pinch of that. Not sure what else I will do, I like a good sweet potatoe thing with marshmallow, maybe I will do that this year.
    well you know you can pour concrete about any time of year, even with snow on the ground, so just change all your building plans to concrete and winter will give you no problems!


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