Things can always get worse

Just when we've reached the height of frustration with banks, home owner's assocations, BZAs and the like, some developer goes and tears down the house behind us and takes out our fence and tree in the process. Really?!
Not only did they take out our fence and tree, they took down several power lines. All the houses on our street, including ours, are without power. Way to make friends in the new neighborhood.  
And just a week before this, they 'trimmed' the trees around this same house before knocking it down...look at the excellent job they did there.
This fine work also took out the power on the block. Unbelievable. The one silver lining is that these guys have set the bar very low for building construction with minimal disturbance to the new neighbors. Yeesh.  


  1. The silver lining I see.... it is great you are married to a lawyer! I see a new and improved fence coming soon!
    sorry for the headache, but good to know they are cleaning up that house, just not the best way.

  2. Good gravy! I know you already know this and are nothing like it, but I feel compelled to share this story for laughs: a friend kept coming to the construction site of their new home, harassing the workers (already, you know this is nothing like you). After they moved in, under the stairs in the storage area, they found a-- (wait for it)-- shoebox filled with poop! See? Didn't that make you laugh?

    I have a strong suspicion the people who previously lived in that house that got torn down was not very popular. Hang in there!

    1. Anh - I'm glad you told me that. I will make sure to be extra nice throughout the building process (if we ever get started!)


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