Top 10 reasons I am thankful to be a working mom

I spend a lot of time thinking out loud on this blog about being a working mom. Usually this takes the form of questioning my career and family choices, and voicing my fears in an effort to gain perspective on what feels like an emotional roller coaster most days (read here, here and here). Not today. In the spirit of the season, I am putting together my TOP 10 Reasons I am Thankful to be a Working Mom.

10. I like taking my kids to my lab and showing them what mom does all day. With any luck, maybe they will think science is cool.

9. I like contributing to the family budget (read, shoe shopping without guilt!).

8. I need a place to go on Monday morning. No further explanation needed.

7. I enjoy the challenge of research, teaching and mentoring students. Some days my students actually listen to me and hear what I'm telling them. That rarely never happens at home.

6. I have new stuff to talk to my husband about at the end of the day that doesn't revolve around nap schedules and diapers. 

5. I like the occasional short work trip with a nice hotel, room service and watching tv in bed. All by myself.

4.  I'm teaching my children that there is more to me than just being their mom.

3. I like being asked "So, what do you do?"

2. Playing stay at home mom on occasion (when no one is sick and I can choose the day) is fun and rewarding.

1. As a working mom, all my eggs are not in one basket. A bad day at work can be cancelled by hugs and kisses at home. A stretch of sick days and toddler tantrums can be quickly forgotten by a new success at work.  

All in all, I'm very lucky and fortunate to have the blessings and complaints I have on a daily basis.  

Happy Thanksgiving!


  1. that is a good top 10, you should frame this and keep close for good reference when you need reminders!


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