A super holiday

It was super hero madness at our house this Christmas. And Santa did not disappoint.

Captain America/Spiderman was one of the costumes in rotation on Christmas Day. Izzy got some new items for her play kitchen, including this chef's hat and apron. That is a lot of pink on one little person!

We made the best of Christmas morning in our loft, although it really didn't feel all that Christmasy to me. We had a few handmade ornaments (and stockings!) on our tree, but it felt temporary, which of course it is. If you notice in this picture, Charlie is wearning his Spiderman coat and his Batman backpack. He had to be talked into taking both items off before bed on Christmas Eve.

Aunt Kara came through for our super heroes. Not only did Charlie get a Spiderman mask and web thingy for his hand, both kids received handmade capes with their initals on back. The perfect gift! (And thanks to Gram for the cute Christmas t-shirts).
We have so much to be thankful for this Christmas - family, health and lots of love! And next year, we will add in our new home...can't wait!


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