Deep in the heart of Texas

Greetings from Austin -  the land of live music, excellent Mexican food, and every tequila known to man. I'm here for a professional development conference (all women, I'm in estrogen overload right now) and Ryan came along for some R&R. It was a nice, albeit brief, respite from our busy and stressful days this fall worrying about our house renovation. The conference is in a convention center right on the University of Texas campus and we've had a great time walking the campus and the city. Things in Texas really are bigger (the football stadium is massive!) and a bit flashier (you should see the city Christmas tree set to music and a dizzying light show. There was also a strange holiday parade of centipedes and various insects all lit up and on wheels that I would like to know the story behind). Sometimes a couple days in a mid-size city that is walkable - we got in over 20,000 steps yesterday -and free from the hustle bustle is just the right getaway. Thanks Austin.

We stumbled into some pretty good eats while in Austin. I highly recommend Papi Tino's, Contigo, and perhaps our favorite, La Condesa. We ran through campus and also hit the trail along Lady Bird Lake that runs along the downtown area. Just today, I discovered the LBJ Presidential Library and Museum - and unfortunately didn't have my camera because I was on a run. We'll just have to come back!  


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