Lacing up the skates

Charlie has been talking about going 'skiing' since he saw the ice rink open at Crown Center several weeks ago. We promised we would go this past weekend with all of his cousins and he asked me if it was our 'skiing' day every day for a week.

Of course, with all the warm weather we've been having, our luck turned at just the wrong time and it was really cold and windy Sunday for ice skating. We didn't dress warm enough (and we made the mistake of walking over from our loft with the kids in the stroller. They were nice and cold before we even arrived at the ice rink). On top of that, the kids don't have gloves. Epic Mom fail.

Somebody was cold and grumpy. Next year, she can lace up a pair of skates, too.

Charlie wanted to skate on his own, like his cousins.

But after three trips around the ice, he was ready to pack it in. Then we attempted a family Christmas photo in the freezing cold, which I hope was not a total fail. The weather has been so mild that we just weren't geared up for this cold snap.

We can check this hoilday tradition off the list. And now that it's been a few days and we've all thawed out, I'm going to label it a success. We celebrated our December birthdays with some good pizza after the skating, and the service was pretty decent considering our party of 17 (!). And did you know that someone in my family is getting married in just 18 days?

Not that we're counting...


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