Remodel tour - week 2

Week 2 of our house remodel, after almost a year of dreaming and planning. I can hardly contain my excitement and want to camp out at the house all day and just watch the progress.

Who needs windows? We showed up for our weekly walk-through to find every window in our house gone. It was quite the sight.

Perfect time for the first snow of the year!!

We met with our architects and the construction manager to walk through the house. We had to make some final decisions on the new windows. It takes about 4 weeks for the windows to come in, so no time to waste.

This is my favorite shot of the week, taken from what will soon be the pantry and kitchen. They took down quite a few of the interior walls since last week (and removed the fireplace!) and you can really see the space open up.

This picture is taken from the opposite corner of the house, in what will be the master bedroom. The space along this back wall will be the living room/dining room.

Note to self: I want a hard hat, too!

This is the opening in the master bedroom for the new windows. They will be high, up above the bed and will let in a lot of light.

Where the bathtub once stood...

Looking out the new bedroom windows, you can see a new house going up just down the street.

And the house behind us is now gone, ready and waiting for a new one to go up (hopefully there won't be any more drama as they build the new one). Everywhere you look in the neighborhood, people are remodeling or tearing down and building new.

This is where the fireplace once was. When we first bought the house, we were worried that the location of the fireplace was going to limit our open plan. Instead, we removed the old one and a new one will go in on the back side of the house.

The fireplace is now just an open hole into the basement.

Bird watching? No, checking out the empty lot behind us and hoping they put in a nice new house. We walked through the yard and discussed the location of the new deck columns and how much dirt will be removed. That work will start after the first of the year.

The back of the house will look very different as they put in the sliding doors, change the location of the windows, and add on the new deck.

Another week, another dumpster full of our old house. I still can't believe how much can be accomplished in one week. It is so exciting to think about being in the house someday soon. I hope the snow doesn't slow things down too much!

Check out last week's tour here.


  1. Note to Paige- I have many shiney red Hard hats right here in my office, I will give you one to be prepared for the next meeting!
    2nd- next week do not do anything that will guarantee bad weather, I don't want that!
    Lastly, How exciting!

    1. Jules - we'll wait to take the roof off until AFTER your wedding! And I want one of those hard hats!


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