Happy, sunny Friday in January

Happy Friday! It is a beautiful 60 degree day in January. A day like this in January is always something to shout about, but especially when you are in the middle of a construction project in need of some warm temps. A little good luck going our way, hooray!

Lots of flu going around, pretty scary. I hope those I know and love (and live with!) manage to avoid this fate. Maybe thinking healthy thoughts will help all of us stay healthy. I've included a link here to a video about how to think differently about the food we eat every day. The message is we need to care about our food, think about what it is doing for our bodies, and learn to appreciate it for the gift healthy food can be. I especially like this message because it is delivered by my very talented aunt, Cynthia Lair. Her TEDX talk was recently highlighted on the Huffington Post. Go Cynthia!

Have a happy and healthy weekend!


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