Modern on Meadow (frigid!) remodel tour - week 7

I love our weekly house tours. I look forward to them and they are the highlight of my week. But this week, I wanted to be in and out and done. We toured the house when it was 18 degrees and I could not warm up for the rest of the day. Amazingly, they were putting the new roof on the house even in the bitter cold. It was a day I was glad to have my office job.

Seeing the roof go up is really exciting (to us). It is already doing a lot to integrate the new addition with the main level of the house. Don't you think? The temperature has to be above 40 overnight for several consecutive nights for the stucco to go on the walls. I think it might be a while before that gets going. I am so over you January.

These guys are hard core!

So, what's going on with this giant hole in the front of the house? This is going to be a large window in the stairwell. It will let in a ton of light!

Not much changed in the back of the house since last week...but I thought Charlie would like this picture of the guy up on the roof.

The backyard looks like a tornado went through it. We (i.e. Ryan) are doing the site clean up ourselves to shave costs - guess it's time to get over there and tidy up. Don't want our new neighbors to be upset with us. I'm sure the daily hammering is endearing us to them already.

Inside, the tweaks over the past week were minor, but significant. The stairs are really starting to look sleek and lean and I just love the shape of them in the space.

Remember last week when Ryan and Adam were looking at the space under the stairs?

Check out how it looks now - they moved the support beams back so this space will be open. We're hoping to have some storage here but still not sure what that will look like. It looks like a perfect hiding spot for a little person.

Another small tweak - an incorrectly placed window was moved so that it is lined up with the front entry (large plywood space straight ahead). I know that error in placement was really bothering Ryan.

A view of that big window in the stairwell. I love it.

Looking out the stairwell window - it is a bit hard to visualize still, but there is a cut out in the roof overhang right where this window is so you will be able to see out above and below the roof line.

Looking down from the window, we will see anyone that comes up to the front walk.

This picture was taken standing in the upstairs landing.  They removed the framing on the lower section and it was wide open to the kitchen below. Glad the kids were not with us this time.

I had an up close view of the new roof being installed. It was really loud inside the house with the constant banging of the nail gun. Loud and very, very cold.

You know you are in love with your house when you think the roof shingles make for a lovely picture.

The windows are still a few weeks away. HVAC, plumbing and electrical are all lined up for the next few weeks. Won't be long and the dry wall will be going up!

On a much warmer day last weekend, we took the kids over for a tour. This whole remodel process has been a lot for them to understand. We bought our new house back before we sold our old one, and had to explain to the kids why we weren't actually moving into the new house. When Charlie asked which room was his in the new house, it was hard to understand that his room would be upstairs in a space that didn't yet exist. Now that he can see the construction and watch the changes unfold, I think he gets it.

I hope Charlie will remember a little of the building process, I'm sure Izzy is too young. But that's why I have all of these pictures. This house is for them as much as it is for Ryan and I. It will be the only family home they will know and remember.

It was so warm that afternoon that the kids took off their jackets and ran around upstairs in what will be their bedrooms in a few short months. We found a role of duct tape and in typical Charlie fashion, he figured out a way to make a game out of kicking around a role of duct tape.

Many more happy days to come inside these walls. Modern on Meadow, we're feeling the love already.

The weeks are starting to really add up! We'll be moving in before we know it.


  1. Great photos, so glad you are documenting all of this.
    I think that place under the stairs would be good for putting shoes, hats, gloves from coming inside...? or like you said, a good hiding place for a little guy.
    Amazing how much happens in a week!


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