Weekend in Pictures

What a crazy weekend of warm and cold weather. It must be January. Friday evening was warm(er) and we walked a couple blocks from our loft to Pizza Bella. I highly recommend the Egg pizza, and the Brussels sprouts. Yum. The walk home was into the wind and a bit chilly, so Charlie bundled up...

Hey Spidey! Can you see anything at all?

Saturday afternoon was a dream. We made our first trip to the park in ages. Oh how I miss the mindless and effortless entertainment of a park during these long winter months!

Also a perfect day for a tour of the new house. Charlie and Izzy seemed thrilled with their new bedrooms. We invented a game of 'kick the duct tape' while Ryan gave a tour to a couple friends.

Saturday night was a kid-free evening out with friends. Yes (anytime) Please. And Thank You. We ended up doing a sort of Westport pub crawl (remember Westport friends? It still exists and it was jam packed Saturday night). In case you want to experience it a new, we hit Port Fonda for drinks, Westport Cafe and Bar for dinner, and McCoy's for after dinner drinks (it was the only bar that appeared to have an average age above 22, but even that was a stretch).

Sunday afternoon brought a birthday skating party for two of our cousins. What fun!

It was a first both C & Iz, and felt like a first for Ryan and I. I can't even count how many years it's been. But this 80s girl has still got it. Aw yeah.

And then Monday - a holiday and no school for kids, and no work for Mom. It was a very cold day so we hunkered down inside and got creative with our indoor games. Charlie's new fave is 'hockey'. A game he invented using a plastic tube (from??) and smashing it against a small plastic football. I showed him a couple YouTube videos of some hockey, and he agreed that "Yes, Mom. It is hockey." And we promptly had to find helmets, masks, gloves and skates to wear. So, hockey or hit man, whatever you call it, we have our own set of rules and this game rocks. Note: this type of imaginative play takes a lot of effort and running around on my part to comply with all the game rules. See remark above about parks. Parks are my fave.

January is a tough month. The holiday lustre is gone, Winter is still here in full force, and Spring feels a light year away. But I know our time in our loft and downtown is limited. I will blink and we will be in our new house (Joy!). Even though we're anxious to be in our house, we are having fun in our current displacement digs. I plan to write more about that in the near future.
In the meantime, I hope more park dates are in your futures and mine very soon!


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