We're going up!

Happy Friday! I got my wish and the snow is gone, and they are getting ready to go up with our new upstairs addition. So exciting!

Lots of buzz in the news this week about a JAMA article that said overweight individuals live longer than normal weight individuals. Before you get all excited and ditch your exercise routine so soon in the New Year, read this.
Last night when I pulled up to daycare to pick up the kids, I found the street in front of the center blocked by 10 police cars, lights blazing. Police tape surrounded the nearby intersection and went all the way up to the front sidewalk of the daycare entrance. My heart stopped in my chest. We had received an email earlier from the school warning us about the police cars and that there was a traffic incident not involving the school, so I had at least some preparation for all the commotion.
The traffic incident quickly morphed into a shooting, with a police officer shooting a man dead in the street. This all happened within direct sight line of the windows to the daycare, a mere 30 ft away. Way too close to home, especially in light of the school shootings only a few weeks ago. I walked into the building to find a lot of parents milling around asking questions. The kids were unfazed as the teachers closed the blinds on the windows and they didn't know anything out of the ordinary was going on. They were surprised and excited to see the lights of the police cars on the way out. The whole scene stopped my heart from beating a few times, and I felt sick to my stomach driving home.
I hugged the kids extra tight when we got home and we went about our evening. By bath time I was upset with them for splashing in the bath and covering the bathroom floor with water. But I spent more time putting each of them to bed last night - rocked Izzy until she fell asleep in my arms, and listened to Charlie chatter on about his day until his words came slower and fewer. The scene at the school was a reminder of how unpredictable life is, and how precious and finite our time is with those we love.
Although our daycare is on the fringe of what is considered a rough part of the city, these things can happen anywhere - as the Connecticut shootings proved. I can't wrap my kids in a bubble or keep them home every day to be safe. But I can love them bigger and better, hug them tighter and more often.
Hugs and kisses are the only thing on our agenda for the weekend. XOXO! 


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