What's in a name? Remodel tour - week 5

This is an exciting week in our remodel process. We have the beginnings of our new second floor and our house has a name! A name? Yes, a name. See, it's kind of a big deal (our little home will be joining this lofty list!) and something I've been wondering about since we bought the house and signed on to work with our architects. All of their houses have names, special names that define the house and the design (check out Modern w/ Ranch - the house that first drew us to Hufft, Postcard House, and the Porch House, which was recently on the cover of Dwell). They told us that they like to see the house start to take shape in the first couple weeks of construction before they finally give a house its name. It's akin to waiting until your child is born to see if the name fits. Are you ready for it? Are you? (Need to know detail, our street is Meadow Lane). Our house is now and forever more to be called...wait for it...


Doesn't it just sound poetic? Simple, but poetic and a bit fun to say out loud. Try it. You know you want to. Modern on Meadow. Modern on Meadow.

But on to the tour! Lots to see this week.

All of the old walls are down and the main living space is now completely open. The picture below shows the dining and living space against the back wall of the house. The sections of the longer wall covered with plywood will soon be replaced with a sliding glass door and a floor to ceiling window.

Now that we can see and walk through the space, it is surprisingly bigger than we thought it would be. While all the old walls are now down, new ones have gone up in their place.

These are the frames for the new walls in the master bedroom and bath. It is hard to envision the space at this point, so I'll wait to give details until the drywall goes in. The most exciting change since we last toured the house is the addition of the stairs!

In this picture, you can see the kitchen space to the left of the stairs (against the front wall of the house) and there is new framing in place for the pantry and the half-bath. After looking at the design on paper for so many months, being able to walk through the space and see how it flows together is amazing. I want to just hang out there all day and get acquainted with the space (and I might if it wasn't for the cold!).

Ryan and Adam, our Construction Manager, standing in the pantry. It will be long and narrow with shelving along one side and the back in an L shape. From our tiny loft kitchen with no storage space whatsoever to this. Can't. Wait. What should we do with the opposite wall? A bright splash of paint? A chalk wall? Both? 

I took this picture while standing in the pantry. I was trying to get a shot showing the ceiling in the kitchen. The opening you can see here above the new second floor and the roof will be windows that allow you to look down into the kitchen from the upstairs landing. It's still a bit difficult to visualize at this point, but stay tuned.

But back to those new stairs...we got to ascend them for the very first time yesterday. Our first trek to the new second story of our house!

The kids' rooms will be up here, along with a shared bathroom. They are working hard to get the walls up and this space covered before any snow or rain moves in. The weather this week has been great and they are moving so fast. But the forecast is calling for 90-100% rain tomorrow. Can they do it??

This shot shows the space above the kitchen that will remain open, revealing a vaulted ceiling. During the design phase, this was a space that I had a really hard time imagining but I knew to trust in the vision of our architects. I have seen what they can do and I have no doubt it will be a unique and interesting feature of the house.

The view from up above - not so great right now, as all you can see is the empty lot behind our house. I had a hard time adjusting the camera from the dark inside below to the very bright light once we headed upstairs. I was too excited to think about how to change the camera settings so these pictures are a bit bleached out. My camera skills are still a work in progress.

A very different scene when we pulled up to the house for our tour this week. Last week there were no cars outside and this week there was a line of trucks that took up most of the block.

This is the view from the back of the house. In this picture, you can see how the second floor will cantilever out over what will eventually be a new deck off the main living space.

Modern on Meadow is a mess right now, but we're making progress and I couldn't be happier. I can't wait to see the upstairs walls go in and for the windows to arrive. Then the fun interior work can begin.

Tonight, you might find us camped out at the house, just soaking in our new space. And performing our best version of a non-rain dance!

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