And a cherry on top...

It was a big day for Charlie at school - all the kids wore pajamas for his birthday. When we arrived in the classroom, they all ran up and shouted "Happy Birthday Charlie!" and showed us their special pajamas. Charlie suddenly got really quiet and shy. They all looked super cute in their PJs.

Ryan got to sit through morning meeting. The teacher talked about the calendar and compared January to the month of February, pointing out Charlie's birthday, Valentine's Day and the upcoming school pancake breakfast. The teacher asked Charlie what song he would like to sing with the group, and he very fittingly requested "Happy Birthday."

After morning meeting, the kids all moved towards the sink to wash their hands and then the chaos began...

We brought in all the ingredients to make vanilla cupcakes (minus the eggs, because one of the kids has an allergy) and the kids all helped.

The night before, Charlie and I wrote up the recipe for everyone to see.

The little girl in pink and yellow to my left was my helper, marking off each item on the recipe list as it was added to the mixing bowl.

These guys have done this before and they knew the drill. If they sat quietly in their seats, they would each get a turn to add an ingredient, stir the mix.

Oh boy, this is when we were in the thick of it - check out all those kids! How do the teachers do it every day? They were really very good, but the din in the room is just constant and they are so squirmy - especially on a Friday of a very cold week that included almost no outdoor play time.

The two little girls in front of me were watching closely. I told them we needed two cups of sugar, but I split the second cup into half so more kids could help. They quickly asked why I added three scoops when we only needed two. Smart.

Charlie seemed to really enjoy making the cupcakes - although he didn't understand why he couldn't lick the bowl like we do at home.

The recipe turned out pretty well considering all the hands in the kitchen. Charlie helped me take the baking tray to the kitchen and the cook put them in the oven just after lunch. We brought some pink frosting and maraschino cherries (Charlie's very strange and insistent request) to top them for snack time. I really wanted to make it back for snack time, but I had a grant deadline by 5:00 and it just didn't happen. But no guilt, right? I was there, we made the cupcakes. I was there.

As I'm looking at these pictures, I notice something that I didn't see this morning - Charlie didn't feel very well. When he doesn't feel well, it is written all over his face.

How did I not see it? Because it was his birthday, he was excited about wearing PJs to school and making the cupcakes. And I was focused on finishing my grant. He crashed by the end of the day and we gave him some chicken noodle soup and put him to bed. Poor buddy, turning 4 just maxed him out. I hope he recovers for the weekend, so he can actually enjoy his birthday.


  1. what a fun day for Charlie and his class!
    You created some good memories. "Remember when you and Dad came to my class and made cupcakes for my 4th birthday?" Charlie will always be able to say that.

    1. Thanks Jules! I hope he will remember...if not, I will remind him next time I tell him how lucky he is to have me for a mom. :)


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