Snowed in

The day started with such promise. A short drive to the airport and kisses to Gram and Grandaddy - saying goodbye to a fun California visit.

By the time we boarded our flight, our connecting flight was cancelled out of Denver. KC is expecting a snowpocalypse. I was hoping we could get ahead of it. But no such luck.

We have a hotel room and a morning flight. If we get out of here in the morning, the night will be remembered as a fun adventure in a nice, kid-friendly hotel (board games in the lobby, coloring books given to us at check in). Kids are finally sleeping - they were so excited to be in a hotel room. We secured a bottle of wine and are watching the KU game in comfy hotel beds (overtime!).

If we don't get out of here tomorrow, we will remember this night (and days?!) as...I shudder to think, so I won't for now. G'night.


  1. Slumber party! C and I are earning their traveling stripes Glad you're safe and warm - the snow is pretty but treacherous. Be safe coming home.


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