SoCal from my iPhone

Just a few pics from my iPhone of our sunny get away...just what we needed!

Ready for flight...

I had an arsenal of tools ready to get us through our long flights - ipad, leapfrog, crackers, raisins, food and more food (Charlie will zone out with the digital toys, food is the only thing that keeps Iz calm and entertained).

This is the view from our balcony in sunny California. Not bad. A beautiful flat, sandy beach is just behind that line of palm trees - perfect for morning runs and building sandcastles.

This awesome park (check out the views!) is also just across the street and directly in front of the beach. We would take the kids over in the morning for some play time. On Saturday morning it was packed with baby-wearing, stroller-pushing Dads. Ryan fit right in.

Saturday night we went out for San Diego's best fish tacos in a dive bar in Ocean beach. We were not disappointed.

I took a Pilates class with my Mom one morning - I could get used to the SoCal lifestyle for sure.

It took us a really long time to get back with a 48 hour delay in Denver. You can imagine how tough this was with two little ones. They had a great time on our 'adventure' as Charlie called it, but Ryan and I were maxed out by the time we got home. I could tell you all about the diaper blow out we had in the airport one morning that forced me to literally throw away a set of clothes, and the fact that our car battery was dead once we finally got home to KC...but instead I am going to focus on and remember the great times we had in sunny California. Can't wait to go back (on a direct flight, NOT through Denver in February!).


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