This week in pictures

Ah, Spring. We definitely have Spring fever around our house, but the weather is not cooperating.

We caught some basketball games this past weekend,

and challenged our fine motor skills with some chopsticks and Pad Thai. What will we do when we no longer live across the street from Lulu's?

Parking outside and trekking in and out of our building morning and night sure makes me long for a garage again, especially in this weather. Put on the coats, take off the coats, lose the mittens, find the mittens, adjust the car seat straps over puffy coats, slosh in the snow and slip on the ice - all in a day's work for these downtown kids.

Izzy's morning yoga this week was a bit uninspired...

I brought these goofs a rare treat in the car when I picked them up from school on Wednesday. I think they liked it!

Who's ready for Easter? I hear it is going to feel like Spring this weekend!


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