First Soccer Game!

Our first Saturday soccer game! We made it to the fields at Swope Park and Charlie was given his very own jersey -  probably his favorite part of the whole day.  

The Roasterie sponsors the soccer league and Charlie recognized their signature airplane logo. He knows this is where we go for 'kid's coffee' (aka, milk).

Charlie was a little shy at the beginning, but he quickly came around and started running and kicking the soccer ball.

There were a zillion fields in this soccer park, with the pre-K teams on small fields really close together.

Charlie and Izzy were fascinated with the water jug. They drained the team supply before the game even started.

How cute are these little guys and girls? A couple of the kids had older brothers that helped instruct and lead the little ones around.

Charlie had a big cheering section on this very windy, Spring day.

Izzy was a great sport, watching and cheering the blue team on.

There were skinned knees, tears, a tummy ache (too much water!), and lots of smiles. And Charlie scored a goal!

This was just after his goal - he was so excited. I love this sweet face. Bring on the games.


  1. Charlie is looking more and more like his mother in these pics! Charlie looks like the MVP of the team already!


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