Modern on Meadow Remodel Tour - Week 15

We have walls! What a difference a little drywall makes...

The stairs are really an architectural piece themselves, and I love how they look as if they are carved out of the space.

The view above is standing in our dining room, looking towards what will be the kitchen.

Standing in the kitchen, looking out and up. The ceiling directly above the kitchen in not quite two stories, more like a story and a half.

Standing in the kitchen, dining space is on the right side of the room, with the living room space on the left.

The wall without drywall is where the fireplace is going to be and it should get installed this week! The master bedroom is visible just behind the fireplace wall.

These are going to be built in bookshelves on both sides of our master bedroom door.

Inside our master bedroom...can't wait to wake up to all that natural light. As Charlie likes to say about our current loft apartment "we live in a cave." There is only one line of windows on the far end of the loft, nothing in the kids' bedrooms. We are starving for natural light!

In the bathroom, the soaker tub will sit under this big window.

Half way up the stairs, this is the view looking over into the kitchen space.

They were hanging drywall as we toured this week. These guys work amazingly fast. They were hanging drywall in the upstairs landing when we first got there, and just about finished before we left (below).

The picture above is taken while standing in the upstairs landing, there are two recessed spots for art/shelving, and then the two doors to the kids' rooms.

The landing, with all the windows now in place. I just love this space. I think it needs a name besides just 'the landing.' Any thoughts?

Standing in the kitchen looking back up into the landing space.

Four architects staring at the windows....they were discussing some very important detail about how the drywall will meet the edges of the windows. But to be honest, they lost me in the details. And I thought scientists were bad...

Not a lot is happening on the outside of the house, still waiting for the weather to get a little warmer to start on the stucco and painting. The small chimney to the left of the house is a new addition that was unplanned. We switched from a gas fireplace to a wood-burning fireplace half way through the process and that required a ventilation system. They framed this in really nicely and now we think it looks like it belonged there all along. (You may think this is a small design issue, but then you would not be an architect...the things I'm learning).

All of the windows are now in. We were missing the trapezoid shaped window on the side of the house and one window in each of the kids' rooms upstairs until about 2 weeks ago. Ta-da! Once the stucco and cedar go on, the old deck comes off and the new one goes on...heaven!

If I look back at some of the earlier tours, I realize how far we've come!


  1. It's looking good! Going to be a great house!
    Name for the Landing..... "Chizzy's spot"
    "Poop Deck", "The Plank".

  2. All the remodeling work is awesome. The most beautiful thing is the color which is used in this remodeling work.I am also looking for some contractor and think to hire Northern Virginia Deck as those are best in our area.


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