Modern on Meadow Remodel - Week 5002

It isn't really week 5002 of our remodel, but it feels like it. We're making progress, but it is baby steps and doesn't make for great blog posts. The drywall is up and the past several weeks have been all about mudding and sanding the drywall - I actually found this interesting because I've never seen it done. But it makes for some dull pictures.

Things are going to pick up and get really interesting in the next few weeks...

We took the kids by the house on Sunday to check things out - just after picking up some balloon animals at the Central Market (from the strangest balloon man ever!)

The hardwood flooring was delivered last week. It has to sit in the space and acclimate for a few days but is now ready to go. Tile is soon to follow...

The garage, already full of wood for the deck, now is fully packed with wood for trim as well.

When we were in the house on Tuesday, they were starting to put up trim. The window on the right does not yet have trim, the one on the left does. The drywall goes all the way up to the window and then this thin strip of trim goes on top to tie them together. Seems simple but I couldn't picture it until now. The trim will be stained with a natural finish so it will look pretty close to how it looks here.

And the not so good news for this week's tour...too much rain and the house still isn't completely sealed means water...water where we don't want it.

The positive spin on this is that because of all the rain, we can see where the water is getting in now while we can still fix it. It has something to do with the fact that the house has no gutters at the moment and water is running straight down and in. This is the most pressing issue and needs to be fixed asap. 

I can't wait to see the floors in place next time we visit! And work on the exterior should start any day...stay tuned...


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