The littlest student

From Monday morning in my office to Tuesday afternoon in my classroom...

Izzy wasn't really sick today but we didn't want to send her back to school just in case. Today was a true tag-team effort with Ryan covering the home front in the early morning, Ryan's Dad holding down the fort between 10 and 2, and then Izzy got to come to work with me and be a graduate student for a few hours.

I brought snacks, toys, and the ipad and plopped her on the floor of my classroom, thinking we would stick it out as long as possible. Amazingly, she was very quiet and I was actually able to participate in the paper discussion during class. Teaching an entire class this semester I knew this was going to happen sooner or later. I thought Charlie might be the one to make it work as he will zone in on the ipad or iphone for hours. But Izzy surprised me today and was the perfect classroom visitor. Her first day as a Jayhawk!

These last few days have required a village to get me to work - husband, two grandparents, and an understanding group of students. And it's only Tuesday!!


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