Happy Mother's Day!

Ryan got up early with the kids Saturday morning and they started working on my Mother's Day gift. I could hear some instructions being given, questions being asked, and an unusual quiet from the next room for a Saturday morning. They were focused. Ryan came in and got the hair dryer (what?), Izzy crawled back into bed with me for awhile, Ryan brought me a cup of coffee in bed, and I could hear Charlie and Ryan talking over the sound of the hair dryer in the living room.

Eventually, I got out of bed and Ryan moved out to the deck with his project and the hair dryer. He worked for the better part of two hours on his own as the kids lost interest. On Mother's Day, Charlie proudly presented me with Ryan's his work of art - what a surprise! Melted crayons never looked so good! I am a lucky Mom (and wife), indeed.


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