Modern on Meadow Remodel Tour - Week 20-something

 It is finally Spring on Meadow Lane and much progress is being made on our new home.

This is the cypress siding that will go along the front and upper back of the house. It has to have three coats of stain prior to going up. We specifically requested cypress with the most variation in the grain to give the wood depth and life.

It is Spring in Kansas and the weather has been predictably unpredictable. It snowed last week, on May 2. And it rains just about every other day - just enough to prevent the exterior work from moving forward with any sort of rhythm.

It should finally be warm enough to get the stucco and siding on the outside of the house, if we could just get a few dry days.

The old deck is gone from the back of the house. We're waiting for the ground to dry up a bit before columns can go in and the new deck can be completed. It will change the whole look of the back of the house.

The weather is not holding things up inside - the hard wood floors have been going in and I love how they transform the space. They are simple oak floors with a natural stain. We hope they will be forgiving and wear well with two active kids and a big dog.

The new fireplace is now framed in and I love how it anchors this half of the room. Can't wait to see it finished.

The stairs are now safe for walking up and down for grownups and toddlers alike - minus a handrail. So glad we sprung for wood on the stairs instead of less expensive carpet. I love the look and I hate vacuuming carpeted stairs!

The carpenters have been working like mad on the trim - on every window, the floors, doors, closets, etc. The trim will eventually be painted white along with all the interior doors, so it is still hard to envision how it will look finished.

The basement is put back together for the most part - walls and ceiling are intact. But the floor just might be permanently damaged and there is a lot of painting to do. We are finishing this space off ourselves and it will likely be a project to be completed after we move in. There is still just too much to do to get to this space right now.

The Master bedroom with floors in place...

Over all it's starting to look like a real home. And this picture (below), taken standing in the exact same space, seems like a million years ago...

It was so long ago that we first bought this house, back in July of 2012.

We bought the house in the heart of Summer, when everything was green and lush. And we looked at it for so long this Winter either covered in snow, or brown and bare...

I've never actually seen our house in the Spring until now.

I discovered today that we have a lilac bush in our backyard. I love lilacs! We have a couple of beautiful trees in the front blooming with color. This lovely tree with the pink blooms will be just outside our kitchen window for years to come. The thought helps me get through this 20-something week in our remodel journey with a positive outlook. We're almost there!


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