Remodeling with little ones

Ryan and I are just about at wit's end -with all the financing worry, winter weather delays, apartment living, and the amount of time it takes to keep up on two households - we're feeling the strain of this remodel. But this process hasn't been easy on the kids either. About half of their toys are in storage and we're constantly carting them back and forth between the loft and the new house. They don't have a yard or neighbors to play with, and I'm pretty sure they are a bit worried about moving into this house that still looks nothing like any 'home' they've ever known. Izzy was just over a year when we moved out of our Brookside home. She has been in transition most of her life.

I wonder what they will remember about this whole process, if anything. I think Charlie can sense that we're turning the corner. He now asks to go by the house and check on his room. He only occasionally says he wants to move back to our old house.

Izzy knows this is her bedroom and she will proudly give you a tour. She says "new house dirty." Yes sweetheart, I know.

Charlie says this new fireplace is at kid height and he can help turn on the fire.

He was so surprised to see the old deck was completely gone.

This pile of sawdust proved way too irresistible and we had to leave soon after they discovered it...

They get excited when we go to the new house, just like Ryan and I. They want to express their excitement by running through every room, yelling and chasing each other. With large table saws and random nails lying around, we have to constantly try to contain them. It must be hard to be a toddler sometimes.

Then again, they are much more resilient than we give them credit for. I think they are doing just fine and we need to follow their lead and keep a positive outlook through this process. We're almost there...


  1. Think of all the new memories you will be creating there soon! Birthdays, going to elementary school, starting high school, sleep overs with their friends, lots of games in the yard. You have so many memories and experiences yet to come in your new house! All of you will remember very little, think of all Todd and Susan went thru when they were building their house. Now it just a memory and some pictures.


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