Soccer finale

Just as quickly as it began, Charlie's first soccer season is over. Whew!

For his last game of the season, his team played on the 'big field.' The field is used by Sporting KC for training and practices and was astroturf - the ball rolled fast!

Charlie and Dad warming up pre-game.

The fan club for this game included Gram and Grandaddy, and Izzy, of course.

Charlie had a big day of soccer. He spent the morning in Tonganoxie watching his cousin's play soccer and running around the field while they played. He was just about on E by game time.

Watching his cousins play must have inspired Charlie because he was much more alert and attentive during the game than he has been in earlier games. He ran after the ball and got in the mix.

There was still some standing and watching, especially as he started to get tired.

But a definite improvement in going to the ball and understanding the game between his first couple of games and this last game. Way to go buddy!

The bleachers were a fascinating addition to the game on the 'big field.' Charlie kept wanting to sit at the top of the bleachers during his breaks and relax with his cup of water. Ryan wanted him down front watching and cheering on his team. And so it begins...

It's hard to be the little sister and just watch from the sidelines. Izzy spent much of the game taking her shoes on and off and feeling the astroturf under her feet.

The opposing team happened to be all girls...but check out how much bigger they were than our team!!

The kids had oranges (Cuties - Charlie's fave) for their post-game snack. What a great idea! I will remember that for next year.

Most importantly, Charlie had fun in his first experience with an organized sport. I think we'll be back next year! Coming up in June....t-ball!


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