T mins 5 days...

This move thing is finally happening. This is the current state of Izzy's room in the loft (she doesn't sleep there anyway, perfect packing zone).

There are a million gazillion things that still need to happen at the new house before we move in on Saturday.

The deck is going up in back and they are making fast progress. It just might be on before we move, though that is at the low end of my priorities at this point. Plumbing would be nice. But we do still have the port-a-john out front as our back up plan.

It is still a bit tough to tell what this outdoor space will be, but below the deck area will be a sunken courtyard - I have visions of projecting movies on the back wall of the house under the deck in the summer time! The wide concrete steps and wall can be used as seating and we will eventually have a fire pit in the square space just in front of the steps. Charlie is very excited about roasting marshmallows!

The kitchen cabinets, counter tops and appliances are all in. The fireplace is almost done, all floor tile is done, though they are still tiling the master shower and the kids' bathroom walls. Some lights are in, some aren't. Shelving in the pantry still needs to go in, doors need to be hung and fixtures need to be added.

At the moment we don't have toilets or any bathroom fixtures, although the sinks are all where they should be. The front walk is in, but it wasn't done correctly and needs to be taken out and put back in. The garage is still too full to put the new door on, and all the metal screens that are going to protect my children from falling to their deaths between floors have yet to be installed. We still don't have carpet.

Ryan is working like a mad man to get the basement put back together. He has easily worked 40+ hours in the past week cleaning, priming, and painting the basement. His Dad has been there every night and weekend helping - even cleaning the basement bathroom that somehow was completely trashed during the renovation. Grandmothers, aunts and cousins are helping to watch the kids so Ryan can paint and I can pack up the apartment. It takes a village. It's times like these that we realize how lucky we are to have loving family helping us at every turn. This house and our push to get moved in is truly a family effort.

Despite all that is not yet done and worrying us, there are many things we are thrilled about. The finishing touches are as amazing as we hoped they'd be and we love the tile and cabinetry -  every faucet, drawer pull, and light. In many ways I can't grasp the fact that we will be moving at the end of this week. We will actually be living in this new but familiar space for the first time. We've walked through it week after week, and spent countless hours cleaning, planning, and dreaming about the day we would live there. That day is almost here.

Surviving this week will take a super human effort and we will all have to channel our inner Steve Rogers.

And then we can really begin our summer and all the hot, sticky fun it will bring.


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