Washington DC in 72 hours (by bike)

We had a fantastic trip to our Nation's capital last weekend for a friend's wedding. We took in a lot of the city in a few days, most of it by bike. A few highlights...

The Capital BikeShare program is amazing (and I'm proud to say KC has a great bike share as well. I wrote about it here). The bike docks are all over the city and you can pick up a bike and drop it off at any location. $7 per bike for 24 hours. We saw the entire city for $28. I highly recommend it! Next time we're bringing helmets with us or figuring out how to rent them...

DC neighborhoods are so charming...and expensive.

We enjoyed a few adult beverages during our stay. We also had some fabulous meals - Thai and Indian on Thursday and Friday nights, respectively. Both reservations were for 10pm. Needless to say, we slept in during this trip...

The Library of Congress -  Jefferson's library was fascinating and I wanted to sneak down to the main reading room and stay awhile.

My first time to see the Martin Luther King Jr. Memorial.

St. John's Episcopal church, where the bride and groom got married. It is across the street from the White House and has a 'Lincoln Pew' where the President used to sit alone during services.

Charlie and Izzy would have loved this fountain in Georgetown (the Kennedy Center is visible in the background). Parks and waterfronts, great restaurants, and every museum under the sun - D.C. has it all.

We can't wait to take the kids when they are older and show them all the museums and monuments. Maybe when they are 8 and 10? Charlie would love the Natural History and Air and Space museums right now.

The wedding reception was on the top floor of the Newseum with an amazing terrace overlooking the mall. The museum was fascinating and we spent two afternoons walking through the interactive exhibits - basically history through the eyes of the media. Cool stuff.

Thank you Michelle and Scott for a fantastic wedding and excuse to visit D.C. 


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