Modern on Meadow progress report

Life at Modern on Meadow is still a work in progress. The port-a-john is gone from the driveway and the floor grates have been installed  - so we no longer have large holes in the middle of the floor in which kids can drop small toys. Temporary lights have been removed and replaced, the refrigerator panels were installed - finally. The exterior steel columns and deck rails were painted, as was the garage door. Progress.

There is still much to do. The basement is not yet usable - with tile that needs replacing, framing and closets that must be put back together. The walls need to be painted, cabinets need to go up in the laundry room. Hopefully we can make the basement space usable soon, and then getting it where we want it will take time - we will get a new couch and tv eventually. The office space will get spruced up with new shelves and my wallpaper!

We're waiting on the glass wall for the master closet, the sliding closet doors in the kids rooms don't have any hardware (this is really bugging me!) and the garage is still too full of odds and ends to even think about parking inside. The backyard is mostly a pile of dirt and exposed drainage that is waiting on....? to be completed. We met with the landscape architect last night and things will hopefully start greening up soon.

In the meantime, our deck is amazing and with this unusually mild July, we eat outside on the deck most evenings. Last night was especially beautiful and I reminded myself that we are in our new home for summer, just in time to enjoy such a lovely evening. Life is good, if a bit rough around the edges.


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