Tball, cookies and goggles

Another season has come and gone as Charlie had his last tball practice/camp this past weekend. He participated in the pre-K tball camp through JoCo parks & rec, 8 Saturdays for 45 minutes and they learned to catch, throw, hit and run the bases. It was just right for his age and although there was a lot of whining and resistance, I do think he learned from the experience.

Charlie has always shown so much interest in sports, wants a ball or a bat to play with every time we're outside or at a park. We were sure he would be thrilled with the chance to play soccer and tball this Spring. Wrong! Maybe 4 is still too young for organized sports? (Would love opinions on this!!) He still loves to run and kick the ball, etc. but on his terms and without guidance or rules. Despite his dislike for tball, he has already asked to play basketball this winter. Fool me thrice??

I love to bake and, in theory, I love to bake with the kids. The reality of baking with the kids never goes quite like I imagine it. But we made an attempt this weekend and it actually wasn't too bad. I had things ready to go before I mentioned it to the kids and really tried hard to overlook the mess until we were all done. My physical and mental preparation paid off and it was fun to bake cookies in our new kitchen for the first time. Having plenty of counter space to spread out and allow little hands to move around without knocking into things really made a difference.

I don't know what it is about showers in our house, but if either Ryan or I get in the shower, the kids simply must join us. Luckily, our new shower is big enough for all of us. These two have reinterpreted my zen shower space as a water park. Sigh.

We hit the toddler splash pool in our old neighborhood last week and the kids are at the perfect age where they can move about in the 2ft water without supervision and enjoy themselves. I can actually sit on the side and relax while they splash. Two friends from Charlie's class showed up at the same time we were there and the kids had a blast while I chatted with the Moms.

Charlie has been requesting goggles, so I had to oblige...they could not wait to put them on!

I just love these summer pictures full of skinny arms and skinned and bruised knees. Every inch of skin is so familiar to me, and yet sometimes I can look at these two and wonder in amazement at the little people they are becoming. I know them as if they were still a part of me, and yet they become more themselves every day.

Like Miss Attitude here, strutting her stuff at the pool. To think I once worried that my little girl would be quiet, timid, with a meek personality. Oh Izzy, you continue to surprise and amaze!

Swim note: We have a swimmer! With all our pool time lately, Charlie has become so comfortable in the water, jumping bravely off the side, dunking his head under without a thought, that he finally just figured out how to swim. He simply put his head under and started kicking and moving his arms. I was so proud of him. He is so physical and strong that I knew he was capable of it if he just gave it a try. Watching him figure out how to swim was about as cool as watching him learn to walk for the first thing. Life changing for both of us.


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