Weekend update, the lake

We went to the lake this past weekend with my family - all 17 of us! We figured out it is probably our 8th year of going together as a family. Pre-dates my children, my husband. The weekends are the most fun because of the cousins - it is fun to see their relationships with each other evolve each summer. I didn't take any pictures because I wanted to just be in the moment and soak things in this weekend. Sounds great in theory, but now here I am with no pictures...

I have a picture from the beginning and and a few from the end of our trip. The weekend started really well and we timed our drive to the lake to coincide with the kids' afternoon naps...evidenced below.

The end of our trip did not go quite as planned. Our last morning, Sunday morning, I decided to say yes to Charlie's repeated requests to get in the hot tub at the rental house. We turn down the heat and, since it is located on the deck, the kids love to splash around in the hot tub while watching boats go by on the lake below them. I didn't let Charlie get in the hot tub late Saturday night when several of his cousins did, telling him he had to go to bed instead. So the next morning I was feeling guilty and decided to let him have his wish before we headed home around noon. Fateful decision. He fell climbing into the hot tub and gave himself an ugly gash on his forehead. There was a lot of blood. And tears. We wrapped him in towels and took him to the emergency room.

It looks a lot worse from this picture where they wrapped him in gauze. He looks like he's had major head trauma. We felt like parents of the year when we told the nurses and doctors about the hot tub accident. Turns out no one bats an eye at Lake Regional Medical Center when you come to the ER because your 4 year-old fell into a hot tub at 9am on a Sunday morning. Just another day in the ER at the lake - can you imagine the things they see there?? The doctor did say how incredibly lucky we were that the accident happened in the hot tub and not in the lake. Only in Osage Beach are the hot tubs cleaner than the lake.

The stitches, four of them, were painful for all of us. But Charlie was a trooper and seemed like his old self immediately after the doctor stitched him up. Little did we know at the time that Charlie's cousin was on her way to the same ER. She had taken a bad bump in the speedboat that morning and cut her forehead open on the bow of the boat. Between the two cousins, they had 11 stitches from two different accidents an hour apart. A record day!

In spite of the fact that I only took a few pictures with my iphone, I have many vivid memories of the weekend.

17 people crammed onto a pontoon boat going about 5mph in a lake full of monster speedboats...Charlie and his cousins playing in the pool, swimming and jumping off the side over and over...Izzy jumping with gusto into the water with the freedom of her newly found water wings...Mark asking Charlie "we're best friends, right?"...Izzy finally responding when Mitch asked her what his name is for the nth time and saying "Itch."..the big cousins throwing each other off the dock...looking over architectural blueprints for planned changes to the house my brother, sister and I grew up in...listening to Izzy sing "Take me out to the ballgame" while we watched the Cardinals play...sitting on the deck after dark talking and watching the sky light up with lightning...Aunt JuJu and Layla reading books to C and Iz at bedtime...Mark holding his arms out to Charlie for a hug when we were leaving to go home...Charlie wanting to give Macy a sticker to cheer her up after her visit to the ER...watching my sister's beautiful wedding video...Charlie's smile while he was on the 'tube' with two of his cousins...

Stitches or not, it was a great weekend full of memories. Thanks Mom and Dad!


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