Meet Hooptie!

We've had a bike seat on my bike since Charlie was old enough to ride along with a helmet (he looks so little here!). But we haven't had a second seat for our second child, which has really limited our ability to cruise the neighborhood by bike. While living downtown, we could walk most places and didn't really need the second bike option. But now we do. 

A few years ago, Ryan souped up his old bike from college with an Xtracycle - essentially an extension of his bike that allows him to carry tons of stuff (he has used it to get the weekly groceries in the past).You can see the flat board and cargo bags in the picture above. The downside is that a conventional kids' seat won't fit on the back of his Xtracycle. Fortunately, Xtracycle recently came out with a kids' seat and ours arrived in the mail last Friday. Meet Hooptie! 

I think Charlie would agree with Outside Magazine's opinion that it is Happiness on Two Wheels. He was so excited to ride around on this thing - he talked non-stop the entire ride!

The company says up to 3 kids can ride on the Hooptie - though it might get a bit heavy! It is recommended for 4 years and up, so Izzy will have to wait a few years to join Charlie in his new seat.

In case you are wondering - that is a green stuffed monkey that Charlie is wearing. The monkey has velcro on its hands and Charlie had it hooked around his neck. I'm not sure what got us more stares cruising around the neighborhood on Saturday night - our Hooptie or the monkey on Charlie's back!


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