Report from zombie land

Here it is August, and almost a week since my last blog post. Summer is flying by. We're still adjusting to the new house, new routines, and new sleeping arrangements. It was my goal when we moved into the new house to get Izzy to sleep in her own bed - something she didn't do for the 11 months we were in the loft.

The good news is she is sleeping in her own bed (yay!) but not without several interruptions each night. She wakes up and cries for me (or lately just comes down to our room) and I go up to her room, calm her down and lay half-on half-off her toddler bed for however long it takes to get her back to sleep (or until I wake up!). It is exhausting - I feel like I have a newborn all over again. On the nights Charlie wakes up too, all bets are off - I am a walking zombie the next day, most days. Anyone with a view to our stairwell at night would see me going up and coming down many times each night. Some nights I carry one child up and pass the other one coming down to get me...

I am tired. The days are long, the nights are long. I've been squeezing in a morning run before 6am several days a week. We clean up the kitchen most nights around 10pm. It is all I can do to watch 30 minutes of Conan (Ryan's choice) before passing out. I am loving my new work-day schedule and it is allowing me to do many more activities with the kids on a regular basis. I just haven't found time to fit in any blogs of late...

This is a picture of Charlie and Izzy helping me make some granola last weekend (Charlie can just about make this recipe by himself now). One of my new health strategies is that I can have any sweet treats that I make myself at home, but nothing else. It's a pretty good strategy considering I won't have time to make things too often, and for the most part I've been sticking to it. Next up, Ryan's favorite lemon bars...a family recipe, I'll try to post it here soon!

We have birthday parties on tap for this weekend, Spider Man and Minnie Mouse, oh boy! Happy weekend!


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