P is for Pumpkin

We spent a beautiful Saturday afternoon at Schaake's Pumpkin Patch in Lawrence last weekend. Perfect weather, happy kids, awesome selection of pumpkins.

How tall are these two? More importantly, what are they staring at so intently?

There were chickens and pheasants to check out...

and calves to pet.

There was a pumpkin slingshot (these are the targets above) that Charlie will definitely get to do next year (we did not come prepared with cash on hand for sling shot tickets, oops. All the other activities at the patch were completely free and that was very much appreciated).

Both kids liked running through the maze in the hay bales - just like Curious George (have you seen that one? I've seen it about 200 times).

The pumpkin patch was close enough to walk to, but we could take the tractor back when loaded down with pumpkins. We actually made two trips to get a second batch of pumpkins. It was fun to see how many different ones we could find - white, red, green, yellow, striped, big, small....

The tractor and the wheel barrow were Charlie's favorites...

Izzy liked the pumpkins best.

Weighing our pumpkins...

Happy Fall!


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