Feeling thankful

Thank you for the many, many positive comments to my previous post. Some of you replied here on the blog, on facebook and in personal messages to me. It was cathartic to write about my experience in church last Sunday. I've been emotional all week - feeling amazed and incredulous, a little sad, but mostly relieved and happy. I am filled with hope that we are moving towards a better day when all people are accepted, loved and even treasured for their uniqueness and individuality.

To add to my emotional week, Charlie and I visited his new school on Wednesday. The school hosts Preschool Fun Days throughout the year for incoming kindergartners. He will be a Corinth Dragon next year.

We visited the art room on this tour and the kids listened to a story and drew some pictures with markers. Charlie was a little shy, a little nervous, typical behavior for him in a new setting. But over all he did pretty well. I think I did pretty well, too - only welled up once.

When we arrived, the teacher told the kids to write their names on name tags. Yikes. Guess we need to progress past the "CH" and learn to spell our name. Some of the children could write their names, some couldn't. We have 9 months to work on it and I know we'll get there.

I was on the KU campus last week for an advisory board meeting and the fall colors were beautiful. Visits to the Lawrence campus for work are always a treat for me. I may work for the university, but the medical center just doesn't have the charm and feel of the Lawrence campus. Is there any place more beautiful than Jayhawk Boulevard in the Fall?

And we took the kids to their first KU basketball game last weekend - they were in the PHOG! Charlie could barely not contain his excitement and woke up at 2 in the morning the night before to ask me when we were going to the basketball game. 

Thanks to their older cousins, Charlie and Izzy made it until 8 minutes left in the second half. They had plenty of room to squirm in their seats (which were on the aisle) and that made all the difference. Things went pretty well until we got home at 11pm with tired, cranky kids that we had to wake up, undress, dress in pajamas, and get back to sleep. We might try this again in about 10 years.

Happy Weekend!


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