A merry, sniffly Christmas

Someone in our household has been sick almost the entire month of December. We limped into Christmas with colds that knocked each of us on our backs for days, and then lingered for well over a week. It's been 10 days since my cold hit full force and I'm still draining and stuffy. Poor Charlie held out the longest and was the last to get this monster cold. He was sick two days before Christmas and we had to cancel our Christmas Eve plans with family to keep him home. He rallied for Christmas morning, but he was still only about 60% that day - you can see it in his eyes.

Nevertheless, we had a very nice Christmas Day with family - and I think the kids got all they wanted from Santa.

Lovely, I forgot to put the vacuum away for pictures...

Unlike Charlie who changed his mind daily about what he wanted from Santa, Izzy only had one request - a guitar. I found this little yellow ukelele and she was happy as could be. She plays for us and sings - it really is the sweetest thing. I see guitar lessons in her future.

Despite the great holiday, I'm ready to say goodbye to December. I'm hoping for a very healthy 2014 for all of us.


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