The Family Court

This basketball goal and court have existed in my parents' backyard since 1957. My grandfather poured the concrete court, experimenting with a slightly different concrete mix on each section and keeping a detailed record of his efforts (which is framed and hanging in my parents' basement). Three generations of Geigers, our friends, and neighborhood kids have banked, bricked, swished, and dunked baskets on this industrial-strength metal rim - until today. Today this rim came down to make room for a major home remodel - good change, but nonetheless sad to observe.

I spent countless hours practicing on this court - shooting morning and night with the benefit of a bright external light that did nothing to endear our neighbors. I've heard stories about my Aunt Susan battling my Dad and his friends on this court - they never wanted to let the girl play. Growing up we had epic games with my three cousins on 4th of July and Labor Day holidays. These 4-on-4 matches (6 cousins plus my Dad and my Aunt) usually ended with some blood drawn and tears shed.

The grandchildren - the third generation to use this court - also practiced their shots against their older and younger cousins. If I compare the use of the court across the three generations, I would say that girls gained full acceptance on the court, and the games became considerably more friendly - though still just as competitive.

Times and places change, but memories are forever. I understand the goal was saved and may make a return appearance at some point in the future. I vote for that.


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