C is for Charlie

Charlie has become really interested in letters lately. In the car we talk about what names begin with various letters of the alphabet, and he notices letters on signs and asks what words they spell.

This is a picture from school of Charlie and a few of his friends working on writing down the rules for using a ramp (with cars) in the classroom. The teacher has written down the rules and the kids are annotating the rules with drawings that help them remember the rules. Charlie has drawn three people (images to the left above) as one of the rules is that only three people can be at the ramp at a time. He is then signing his name to the pictures - and it looks pretty good! I love that he is looking at his name printed on his water bottle to know how to spell it. He is also getting better at holding a pen or marker in his hand, and I can see from this picture that he is trying to hold it the correct way. He is pretty smart - watch out kindergarten!

We've been practicing at home - tongue out for optimal concentration!


  1. Tongue out is how you know he's serious. Otherwise, it's just child's play.

    1. Ahn - if there is one thing I know, it is that he is a very serious kid. No idea where he gets it...hope you are well!


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